Whimsical Collection: Men's Polka-Dot 3-Piece Suit In Mint - Slim Fit

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Step into the Spearmint Spotlight with our Mint Polka-Dot 3-Piece Suit, a garment that redefines the boundaries between classic suiting and contemporary flair. For the gentleman who crafts his look with precision and playful sophistication, this ensemble is a testament to the art of standing out. Wrapped in the invigorating hue of mint and adorned with whimsical polka dots, this suit promises not just to dress you, but to introduce you.

The jacket, a canvas of mint splashed with polka dots, features a notch lapel that marries tradition with a hint of rebellion. Side flap pockets and a slit chest pocket are meticulously designed for functionality, wrapped in an aura of effortless style. The silhouette? Skinny fit, because in a world of ubiquitous fashion, the right cut is king.

Complementing the jacket is the double-breasted vest, a nod to the days of dandyism, updated with a three-button closure and polka-dot pattern that echoes the suit’s thematic brilliance. The pants, in matching mint polka-dot, continue the narrative with a flat front design, ensuring every step is as bold as the last.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Mint Polka-Dot Pattern: A refreshing take on suiting that captivates and charms.
  • Notch Lapel Elegance: Classic sophistication meets modern design.
  • Tailored Skinny Fit: Engineered for a silhouette that’s both sharp and suave.
  • Comprehensive 3-Piece Set: Jacket, pants, and vest for a fully integrated look of sartorial splendor.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in Regular and Long. inviting every man to find his perfect fit.

Sizing Advice: Crafted for those who recognize that true style is in the details. Our suits are designed for a close, flattering fit, available in a range of sizes to ensure every gentleman can embody the essence of spearmint freshness.

  • Regular: 34-52, for a fit that’s as refreshing as the suit itself.
  • Long: 38-46, ensuring elegance for the taller aficionado of style.

            M388SK - Mint


            Selecting the Right Suit Size

            Find your perfect suit fit with these easy steps:

            1. Measure for Accuracy: Grab a measuring tape and measure the following:
              Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your chest.

              Waist: Measure around your natural waistline.

              Sleeve: Measure from the shoulder seam to the wrist.

              Shoulder: Measure across your back from one shoulder to the other.

              Neck: Measure around the base of your neck where the collar sits.

              (Note: You don't need to measure all these areas, just the ones you think are most important for your fit.)

            2. Refer to Our Size Chart: Match your measurements with our comprehensive size chart to identify your suit size.

            3. Choose Your Suit: Pick your preferred style from our collection. If your measurements fall between two sizes, we suggest going for the larger size for a comfortable fit.

            4. Customize for Perfection: Remember, a great fit is key to looking sharp. Our suits are designed to be easily tailored for that custom-fit feel.

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