Harponia Hues: Vibrant Synthetic Feather Set for Hats

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Elevate your hat game with our Harponia Hues collection. This curated set features four distinct feathers, each backed by a sleek black plume, with vibrant colors cascading to the fore. From passionate reds to pristine whites, radiant yellows, and a regal royal blue, these 4-inch synthetic feathers are designed to provide an impeccable blend of texture and hue. Crafted with precision, they're soft, well-structured, and are sourced with a commitment to ethics. Whether you're looking to refresh an old hat or accessorize a new one, Harponia Hues offers an effortless way to introduce color and character.

  • Crafted for Elegance: Synthetic 4-inch feathers with a soft, luxurious feel.
  • Vibrant Variations: Four distinct hues backed by a universal black for contrast.
  • Easy to Attach: Perfect for hats, they're designed for effortless swapping and secure placement.
  • Ethically Sourced: Created with care and commitment to sustainability.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various hat styles, from fedoras to panamas.

How to Swap Feathers on Your Hat:

  1. Identify the Attachment: Examine your hat to see whether the feather is tucked under a hatband, pinned, or glued in place.

  2. For Hatband or Pin Held Feathers:

    • Loosen the Hatband/Pin: Gently pull the existing feather out from under the hatband or remove the pin holding it.
    • Position the New Feather: Hold the base of the Ravenel Ray feather and slide it smoothly under the hatband or pin, adjusting for the desired display.

  3. For Glued Feathers:

    • Gently Remove: Carefully apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or warm water using a cotton swab to the base of the feather where it's glued. This will soften the adhesive.
    • Peel Away: Once the adhesive is softened, gently peel away the feather from the hat.
    • Clean the Area: Ensure any residual glue is removed from the hat before attaching a new feather.

  4. Attach the New Feather:

    • If using a hatband or pin, tuck the Ravenel Ray feather under securely.
    • For a more permanent fix, apply a small dab of fabric-friendly adhesive to the base of the Ravenel Ray feather and press it against the desired spot on your hat. Allow time to dry.
  5. Flaunt: With your hat now adorned with a Ravenel Ray, step out in confidence and style!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sonny Onorato
look great

I have several Fedora's and I like to switch the feathers for a different look, these do just that


4 stars: Good looking and well packaged but haven't tried on hat yet for the fifth star. Thought I would eat them but there for decoration. HA!