Gentry Glam Collection: Ivory 2 Piece Banded Collar Single Breasted Regular Fit Suits

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Step into a world of elegance and finesse with the Gentry Glam Collection's ivory suit. This masterpiece is a modern tribute to the iconic Bruce Lee, blending Eastern elements like the Nehru suit and Chinese collar with an American twist. The luxurious feel of modern polyester and rayon fabric adds a touch of grandeur, promising both comfort and style. A chic banded collar and single pleated pants complete this sophisticated ensemble, making it a must-have for your wardrobe.


  • Luxurious ivory suit with a modern 5-button single-breasted jacket
  • Banded collar adding a contemporary yet classic touch
  • Premium fabric blend of modern polyester and rayon, promising longevity
  • Single pleated pants offering a sophisticated and comfortable fit
  • A harmonious blend of Eastern elements and modern American tailoring

                    5HT Ivory

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                    Billy Pierce
                    The Bomb

                    I received the suits and were impressed with their quality and loved the way they made me look. The fit was great and well worth the price.