Athleisure & Fashion – Why Should You Own A Tracksuit?

Although it is true the tracksuit is most commonly associated with athletes and gym-goers, throughout it has also been at the forefront of various fashion trends as well.

Montique Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit
Montique Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit

For athletes, tracksuits have never been viewed as being obsolete or “out of style”, simply because they are so useful. In addition to this, due to the cyclical nature of pop culture trends, tracksuits are once again at the forefront of contemporary fashion – with some people even viewing tracksuits as the current face of the athleisure movement.

Tracksuits can be a great addition to your wardrobe because they seamlessly bridge the gap between the realms of athletics and relaxation. They allow you to show to the world that although you can definitely be casual and laid-back when you want to, you are also no stranger to sports, athletics, or working out.

Why You Should Buy A Tracksuit & When You Should Wear One

Ultimately, you have the final say for when and where you decide to wear your tracksuit; however, that being said, here are a few situations where a tracksuit can be ideal.

Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit Set in Navy
Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit Set in Navy

Outdoor Exercises

Many people prefer tracksuits for outdoor exercises and athletics for two main reasons:

  1. They offer protection from the elements (more on this below)
  2. They are relatively modest compared to a lot of the athleticwear that is on the market today.

Protection From the Elements

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to wear tracksuits when they are exercising outdoors.

Since tracksuits cover more of your body – compared to other types of athleticwear, like compression shorts or tank tops – they offer better protection against environmental hazards. Two of the most common examples of this are UV rays and insect bites.

More Modest but Still Functional

Sure, many of us aren’t too worried about what we wear when working out at home or at the gym; however, outdoor workouts can make us a bit more self-conscious.

For example, if you would prefer to not go jogging (or any other type of outdoor exercise) in a tank top, sports bra, or compression shorts – but don’t want to go jogging in jeans and a t-shirt – a tracksuit can be a great alternative that still shows that you are serious about your workout.

Men's Striped 2 Piece Jog Set
Men's Striped 2 Piece Jog Set

Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Wear

Tracksuits aren’t just a great choice for workouts, they are also perfect for both the before and after portions as well.

Throwing on a tracksuit over your workout clothes before you head to the gym takes no time at all . . . and it keeps you covered, comfortable, and looking casual.

Likewise, a tracksuit is the best thing to throw on after a satisfying evening at the gym, especially if you’re planning to stop at the store or hang out with some friends before you head home.  

If you’re an athlete, the same logic applies to pre-game and post-game wear. In fact, professional athletes have been using tracksuits for these purposes for decades – whether they’re just training, competing at the Olympics, or anything in-between.

Casual Everyday Activities

You don’t have to be an athlete or an avid gym-goer to wear a tracksuit – anyone who wants to be trendy, while also feeling comfortable and looking casual, can pull off a tracksuit.

Tracksuits are also a great choice for everyday wear because they are designed to offer greater mobility than more traditional choices like jeans or button-up

You don’t need to be able to run a 10k or be the best at making free throws to be “worthy” of wearing a tracksuit, they’re made for anyone and everyone. Who knows, maybe having a few tracksuits in your closet is the push that you need to get more serious with your workout routine.

Montique Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit 2 Piece in Red
Montique Men's Casual Sport Tracksuit 2 Piece in Red

Why Should You Choose Suits & More for Your Tracksuits?

Tracksuits may have started out as a form of athletic wear but here at Suits & More, we believe that they have evolved to be so much more than that.

As a result of this, all of the tracksuits we offer in our collection are not only ideal for a day of exercising . . .they are also perfect for a wide array of casual activities as well. These tracksuits are built to last and are capable of withstanding strenuous exercises, while still remaining stylish for a fun evening out with the guys.

Men's Tracksuit
Inspired Pattern Men's Tracksuit

All customers who shop with us can rest assured knowing that they not only get free shipping on all orders that are $75 and over, but they also have access to full refunds on returns of all new unopened items within 14 days of delivery.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid athlete or just a guy who wants to add some comfortable clothes to his wardrobe – browse our carefully curated catalog of tracksuits and pick out your favorites today!

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