Gentlemen, it's high time we traveled back to the ultra-cool 70s when the ever-groovy walking suits held sway. Today, we're dropping style bombs to guide you on a sartorial journey, where these leisurely stunners make a grand comeback and bring along their eternal comrade-in-style - the dapper fedoras. Let's dive into the chic abyss and swim with the tide of the modern interpretation of these classic pieces.

The Walking Suit: A Chic Nostalgia

Alright, let's hit the rewind button and zip back to the 1970s, when walking suits, better known as leisure suits, were an undeniable symbol of laid-back elegance. It's time for a replay, only this time with our contemporary spin.

The secret sauce to nailing your walking suit look? It's a mix of your individual swagger, a sense of the body type you're rocking, and a solid awareness of colors that make your skin pop. Remember, your style should make you feel like you're the coolest cat in the room.


Painting of a man with a beard wearing a light hat and a green walking suit shirt. He is looking straight ahead and the background is green.


Fedoras: Timeless and Trendy

The fedoras have always been the life of the fashion party. A hat that screams vintage charisma, it has seamlessly transitioned from the glitz of old Hollywood to the eclectic style scene of today.

Your fedora is the cherry atop your sartorial sundae, so don't just choose one, own it. Consider your face shape, and pick a style that accentuates your best features. Remember, coordinating your fedora with your walking suit is a delicate dance, aiming to create an aesthetic that screams 'effortlessly stylish'.

The Ultimate Style Guide: Pairing Walking Suits and Fedoras

Now, let's spill some tea on nailing the perfect coordination between your walking suit and fedora:

  1. The Color Theory: To blend your walking suit with your fedora, you need to work the color wheel. Look for colors that play well together. A vibrant hat can bring out the best in a muted suit and vice versa.

  2. Getting the Proportions Right: The game of proportions is critical. Wide-brimmed fedoras complement loose suits, while fitted walking suits call for narrow-brimmed hats.

  3. Texture Tango: Now, let's stir the pot with some material mixology. The slick sheen of a polyester walking suit can create an appealing contrast with a felt fedora, while a linen walking suit coupled with a straw fedora brings a cool, textural edge to your style game.

  4. Season Sensibilities: Dress for the season. Lighter fabrics like linen or seersucker walking suits paired with straw fedoras are summer sizzlers, whereas wool or tweed suits matched with felt fedoras are perfect for nailing that winter warmth.

In the end, remember: Style is personal, not prescriptive. The magic of pairing walking suits and fedoras is rooted in the ability to give you a unique, vintage-inspired style that's timelessly chic. Feel free to experiment, play around, and create a look that's distinctly you. Because, after all, who knows you better than you?

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