Brown Fur-Felt Pinch Fedora Hat H48

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Brown Fur-Felt Pinch Fedora Hat H48

  • Matching Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Feather Accent
  • Brim Size 2" 1/8
  • Crown Size 4" 3/8
  • With Lining




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rodney Roberson
Nice hat!

The hat was just as it appeared online.
Terrific quality, fits perfectly, shipping was fast, and the hat arrived on time! Perfect for the well dressed man.

Gary Davis

More than satisfied. Looks well and fits. The color is exactly the color that I saw in the ad and the exact that I wanted. Thank You. Now I need a. Black one.

Clifton Lawrence
I LOVE The color and it fit just right. I have just the right suit for it. THANK YOU S&M

The Heather Grey is a great color. I love it. THANK YOU S&M.

BEAUTIFUL Hats💯🔥, but it’s fur-felt, but I’m now a return customer 😆

t’s not fur-felt but it’s a BEAUTIFUL Wool hat🏆🔥
5 stars for being a Beautiful hat & the store manager is excellent 💯🔥🏆 but it’s wool, not fur-felt like advertised. If I would have purchased knowing it was wool I’d love the hats. I’m buying other hats because of the high quality customer service🏆🔥😆 Fur felt hats are chiefly made of rabbit fur. Some hare fur is used to make better hats, and is often mixed with beaver fur to produce hats in various medium price grades. ... Fur felt hats are superior in lightness of weight, mellowness to the touch, and ability to keep their shape and withstand weather and renovating.