What Does A Fedora Look Like?

What exactly defines a fedora? When it comes to this classic hat, there are actually a wide variety of styles to choose from. Truth be told, the only two constants that make a fedora is that it has a crown and a brim. All of the other features are just ancillary – which means that two different styles can look drastically different from one another.

What Is A Walking Suit? – A Comprehensive Guide

A walking suit is a two-piece set of clothing that takes the form of a button-up shirt and a pair of pants. - The longstanding popularity of walking suits comes from the fact that they give the wearer the ability to maintain a fashionable look, while remaining comfortable and give off a casual air as well.

What Defines A Tracksuit/Jogging Set?

Tracksuits can be a great addition to your wardrobe because they seamlessly bridge the gap between the realms of athletics and relaxation. They allow you to show to the world that although you can definitely be casual and laid-back when you want to, you are also no stranger to sports, athletics, or working out.