Hey, are you ready to rock the holiday parties this year? Let’s talk about something that can make you stand out in the crowd: the velvet blazer. This isn’t just any jacket—it’s a classic piece that screams luxury and style. Whether it's a fancy dinner or a cool party with friends, a velvet blazer can turn your outfit from simple to stunning.

Understanding Velvet Blazers

So, why velvet? This fabric has been all about luxury since way back in history. Kings and queens loved it! Today, it’s not just for royalty, but for anyone who wants to add a touch of class to their look.

When it comes to velvet blazers, there’s a lot to choose from. You’ve got the classic black that goes with everything, bold colors like royal blue and emerald green that make a statement, and even patterned ones for when you really want to stand out. No matter your choice, a velvet blazer can make any holiday outfit pop with a bit of old-school glamour.

Basic Styling Tips

First things first: getting the right fit and cut of your velvet blazer is key. Here's how to make sure you look sharp:

  • Fit and Cut for Your Body Type: If you’re taller, a slightly longer blazer will look best. For those who are more on the muscular side, a tailored fit that shows off your silhouette is the way to go. And if you're leaner, opt for a slim cut that doesn’t swallow you up.

  • Choosing Colors: Think about where you’re going. A black or navy blazer is perfect for super formal events, but don’t be afraid to go bold with maroon or green if it’s a more relaxed setting. Always pick a color that feels true to your style.

For Formal Holiday Parties

Pairing with Trousers: You can't just wear any pants with a velvet blazer. Go for trousers that complement without competing. Think charcoal or lighter shades if your blazer is a dark color. If your blazer is a lighter shade, darker trousers can balance the look. The material is also key—choose something refined like wool or a wool blend to keep it classy.

Importance of Proper Tailoring: Tailoring is everything. Make sure the trousers are the right length and fit well around the waist. No baggy pants—clean lines are what you're after to match the elegance of your velvet blazer.

Choosing the Right Shirt: The right shirt can make your outfit. For a formal look, you can't go wrong with a crisp white shirt—it’s a classic. But if you're feeling adventurous, try a shirt with subtle patterns or even a light pastel. Just make sure it’s not too loud; the blazer is the star of the show.


Ties or Bow Ties: A sharp tie or a snazzy bow tie can add just the right touch of dapper to your outfit. If your blazer and shirt are understated, this could be your splash of color or pattern.

Cufflinks and Pocket Squares: These are the details that elevate your entire look. Choose cufflinks that reflect a bit of your personality but still keep it classy. A pocket square should complement your tie or bow tie without exactly matching it—think coordinating, not identical.

a man wearing a blue velvet blazer

Unique Styling Ideas

Want to really stand out at your next holiday party? Here’s how you can add some unique twists to your velvet blazer look:

  • Unconventional Colors: Step away from the classic black and navy. Try a velvet blazer in deep green or rich burgundy. These colors are still sophisticated but give you a fresh, modern vibe that's sure to grab attention.

  • Layering Techniques: For a really cool, trendy look, layer a turtleneck sweater under your blazer instead of a traditional button-down shirt. Choose a neutral color like black, gray, or white for the turtleneck to keep it sleek. This not only looks stylish but keeps you extra warm without the bulk.

Accessorizing for Impact

Accessories are like the cherry on top—they can take your outfit from good to great. Here’s how to choose the right ones to complement your velvet blazer:

  • Brooches and Lapel Pins: Add a bit of flair with a classy brooch or a lapel pin. These can be great conversation starters and show off a bit of your personality. Pick something that’s subtle but stylish—maybe a silver or gold piece that reflects the light just right.

  • Belts and Watches: When choosing a belt, look for one that matches the formality of your outfit. A sleek leather belt in a dark color works well. As for watches, select one that matches the hardware of your other accessories. If your cufflinks or belt buckle are silver, go for a watch with a silver case. This helps pull your entire look together and enhances the richness of the velvet.

Maintaining Your Velvet Blazer

To keep your velvet blazer looking as luxurious as the day you bought it, you'll need to give it a bit of TLC. Here’s how to take care of this key piece:

  • Cleaning: Velvet is delicate, so it's usually best to leave the cleaning to the pros. Opt for dry cleaning to ensure the fabric is treated properly without damaging its texture and color.
  • Storage: When not in use, hang your velvet blazer on a padded hanger in a cool, dry closet. Avoid folding it, as that can crush the velvet. For extra protection, cover it with a breathable garment bag to keep dust and moisture at bay.

Wrap Up the Look

We’ve covered everything from picking the perfect fit and color to styling your velvet blazer with a modern twist. Remember, the right velvet blazer can transform your holiday attire from basic to brilliant. Don’t be afraid to try out unconventional colors like deep green or burgundy, and layer with confidence—whether it’s a classic shirt or a chic turtleneck.

Most importantly, let your personal style shine through. Holidays are the perfect time to experiment and make a statement. So go ahead, mix things up with your accessories, and find new ways to wear your velvet blazer.

Feeling inspired? Check out our collection of velvet blazers and find your perfect match. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a casual gathering, elevate your look with a touch of velvet and enjoy the festive season in style.

Thanks for reading, and happy styling!

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